Ninja Scrolls

The clan could only accept a limited number of students...


Greetings, most honorable one!

We hope you are well, safe and in harmony with your surroundings at these most disturbing times. In the past few yearly cycles many just like you have allowed themselves to approach us and ask about the possibility of implementing a traditional ninja training into their daily busy lives.

As a humble reply to this very interest of the general public we carefully crafted a system, which aids in one's endeavors and achieves a successful introduction of a genuine ninja tradition to their present lifestyle in a manner allowing an even, relaxed and a smooth progress and transition through the path of the real-life ninja.

The practices described in the book could be naturally implemented and done alone, with one's loved and close ones - family and friends. Even little children could benefit from this system designed by our most advanced masters in your service.

Best regards,
The Gyokku Ninja Clan

Ninja Training

Stuck at Home? Bored? Out of Training? Gaining Weight?

Beat the odds and…


In these difficult times the Gyokku Ninja Clan, most ancient of all the ninja clans, reaches out to people with a brilliant and effective training program. Train at home easily and effortlessly to achieve results that everyone around you will admire! Careful! Some may even envy you!

What’s the Gyokku Ninja Training Program like?

  • Rapid – do it at home for a few minutes every day.
  • Effective – gain strength and lose extra weight to look and feel better than ever.
  • Simple – Each step of the training is not only explained, but there are also videos with Ninja Masters, who further explain each detail.
  • Easy to Do – The training is upgraded gradually so that one feels little or no strain at all – yet at the end of it you will become fit and better trained than almost anyone you know!
  • Can be Done at Home – Not only can this training be done at home, but it requires no special equipment at all.
  • Do it with Family – Worried about your family’s health in these difficult times? Train with them, and guarantee the health and fitness of everyone you love.
  • Additional Content Rewards – when new content is posted for your patron tier, you can benefit from immediately accessing it.

This is the best and most affordable fitness course you could get anywhere.

Unlock your hidden potential! The best time to act is always now!

Ninja Training


  • It Effortlessly builds Dedication – Become a dedicated fitness enthusiast within days. Astound your friends!
  • Learn how to Eat right and maintain your weight with a dedicated web-page linked in the book!
  • Learn exercise techniques which helps to maintain youth and healthy living preventing health issues like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and many more.
  • Finally, gain the inside track to becoming a Gyokku Ninja and begin to train in the almost legendary ways of the greatest warrior-philosophers of all time.

This course comes with permanent personal access to the special Discord server of the Gyokku Ninja Clan. Having problems with your training? Need it tweaked?
Ask a Ninja Master to help you… Directly! Still puzzled? Ask several Masters!