Book of Traditional Training and Self-Discipline – Part 2

Greetings Deshi,

     If you have been training with the Book of Traditional Training and Self Discipline, you should already be used to training regularly. Now, we introduce you to Part II of this book, which shows you how to reach for higher goals in your training even in the midst of a busy lifestyle.

The methods in this book can even be used by a person who has never done any physical training before. 

The goal of this book is to enhance your fitness to very high levels, without making the process either difficult or strenuous. This book also allows you to achieve this goal in the minimum time possible every day.

We will add new training methods every month, and new goals – you can reach for those goals with the training methods shown in this book. And remember – it is not the destination that is important, but the journey. Make sure to enjoy the journey.

All the best, and keep training!

     – Gyokku Ninja Clan